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Autographed 9MM Ammo Tins from Fort Scott Ammunition:


Tanto Signed Tins: Price $40ea.

Boon Signed Tins: Price $40ea.

Combo Signed Tins: Price $75ea.

Plus 5.95 Shipping and Handling 

All Autographed 9MM Tins come in 80gr;  115gr;  and  125gr



NOTE: All Ammo Tin Purchases goes to the 14th Hour Foundation



Design #1:



Design #2:

FullSizeRender_(31).jpg FullSizeRender_(32).jpg FullSizeRender_(33).jpg


Battleline Tactical limited Run
Glock 17 Gen 3 & 4 Slides: Price $450  - Plus Shipping 
Glock 19 Gen 3 & 4 Slides: Price $450 - Plus Shipping 

Colors Available: Black,   Bronze,   Sniper Grey

TO ORDER: Contact our Merchandise Manager; Jeremy Mitchell at and email to him what the design (1 or 2), how many, color, and size. Put Battleline Tactical Slides in the subject line


For all order questions or issues contact
Merchandise Manager; Jeremy Mitchell at

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