Tanto's Toolbox Was $2465.00 Now $1995.00

The Generation One Tanto Toolbox is a multi-company partnership project to develop a custom, discreet, and compact PDW platform package originally $2465.00 now only $1995.00


Originally, there were only 500 of the Generation One Toolboxes fitted with Maxim Defense and DRD Tactical custom components. There are now only 19 left in stock (as of 7 JUL 20) chambered in 300 Blackout. Each has new upgrades provided by Maxim Defense Industries and a Tanto Serial Number.

SPECS: Maxim Defense Upper, DRD Tactical Lower, Maxim Defense CQB Pistol PDW Brace, 7.5” Barrel chambered in 300 Blackout, available in Black or Battle Worn Finish, that all fits inside the small compact Toolbox.

Those who purchase the Generation One Tanto’s Toolbox will be entered in a drawing to win the Tanto’s Toolbox Extras Package.

The Extras Package Contest is sponsored by Kris Paronto & Battleline Tactical Partners and it includes:

  • Vortex Optics - Strikefire Optic
  • Mid-Evil Industries – Triple Threat Combo (360° VFG Modular Tripod System)
  • Spikes Tactical – Backup Flip up Iron Sights
  • Fort Scott Munitions – 100rds of 300 Blackout Tumble Upon Impact 115 grain Ammunition
  • Battleline Tactical - Voucher for seat in any open Battleline Tactical Course (No Expiration Date)
  • Tanto Swag/Apparel - Other Special Gifts from Tanto's Swag Shop
  • PatchOps - One of every Patch and Sticker made for Tanto and Battleline Tactical plus some special extras.
  • Aspetto - Black Plate Carrier
  • Forj'd America - Custom John 15:13 Leather Front Pocket Wallet
  • Goliath Tactical - Custom Kydex Holster made for your personal pistol and an custom EDC Tray.
  • Ryan Weaver - Country music artist Ryan Weaver signed CD
  • Royal Case Company - Condition 1 Travel Hard Case
  • Morgan Timing System - Morgan Timing System Barrel and App
  • Savvy Sniper - Custom Made Savvy Sniper Sling 

           Extras Package (for the contest/drawing) Estimated Value: $2650.00

The live drawing will be announced and conducted after all 40 systems are sold.


1. Must be 21 years or older to purchase.
2. Must have an authorized FFL for Maxim Defense to ship to. (Have FFL Info ready before Purchase)

Special Note: Firearms are processed by and shipped from Maxim Defense Industries LLC to your local FFL dealer for transfer. All applicable Federal, State, Local laws Apply. All ATF Rules and Local FFL Fees Apply.

First Come First Serve - There are less than 30 left

This is the Last Run. There will be no more Generation One after this. 

(20 Black Finish & 20 Battle  Worn Finish)

Only Available to U.S. Citizens within the United States, (No International or APO Shipping Available)


Kris Paronto and Battleline Tactical Partners






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For all order questions or issues contact
Merchandise Manager; Jeremy Mitchell at Tantos.swag@gmail.com

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