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 Last evening we had the pleasure of having Kris Paronto speak at our event, reliving the events of Sept 11, 2012.  He is an engaging person both on and off the stage.  Our crowd of 400+ was riveted while he told the real story of Benghazi.  He is a wonderful speaker holding the crowds attention while he ran through a gamut of emotions.  He made us feel like we were there with him and the standing ovation he received when he was done only ended because the crowd was asked to sit back down.  

When it was over he proved to be the most humble and generous person anyone has ever met.  He stayed for 3 hours signing books, taking pictures, talking with attendees, whatever they wanted.  He never once rushed anyone along and was humble whenever people tried to thank him for his service.  Kris Paronto is an incredible individual and all of our lives are better today because we met him.  
- Daniel M. Perich, CCIM
Founder Silver Fox Investment Advisors, PA

Our organization has had top billing convention speakers for 35 years and I can attest that Kris was absolutely the best speaker that has addressed our group. He received 4 standing ovations from our 750 attendees during his speech. For 50 minutes, he kept our audience on the edge of their seats. In between his standing ovations you could hear a pin drop as he spoke to our group about his experiences. Kris is extremely friendly and spent a lot of time interacting individually with our convention attendees! He took pictures, spoke to our people and signed books for many hours. Very well worth the speaking fee!

- Robert Briant, Jr.
CEO, Utility & Transportation Contractors Association of NJ


For anybody looking for a Keynote Speaker, I highly recommend Kris "Tanto" Paronto! His speech captivated the audience for an hour. But just as impressive is his one on one interaction with everybody that wanted to meet him, get a picture with him, or get a book autographed.

That is just half of the story. With the east coast flights grounded 24 hours before his scheduled appearance, Kris was stranded in NY. There were no commercial flights that would get him to Minnesota in time. Even private jets were scarce. But his remarkable agent, Judy, found one and chartered a private flight directly into the small town the event was being held. 

Their commitment to honoring their engagement went beyond reason and further demonstrated the professionalism, can do, get it done character of Kris "Tanto" Paronto and Judy Wilkinson!

- Scott Dane, Executive Director of Associated Contract Loggers And Truckers Of Minnesota (ACLT)                                                                                                                                                                  




“Kris Paronto is an American hero with a heart of a Warrior.  His story of 13 Hours in Benghazi left us on the edge of our seats.  Kris is a gifted communicator and renews the patriotism in the heart of every American.  Kris “tells it like it is.”  And if you are desirous to have a speaker motivate - inspire your audience to reach beyond themselves - Kris is your man.  I highly recommend Kris Paronto without hesitation.  He engages his audience, he is interactive with those in attendance, personable, the best of what America should look like.”

– Michael A. Ciociola, President, A Grateful Nation Remembers




 For any law enforcement agencies seeking a speaker, there is no one better on the message of brotherhood, perseverance, courage and selfless sacrifice than Kris Paronto. He spoke at our Police Academy’s 40th Anniversary Celebration on April 12. He had a room filled with more than 300 law enforcement and civilians captivated as he recounted the fateful 13 hour Benghazi attack while interspersing messages of leadership, teamwork, and discipline. He regularly directed comments to our Cadets to inspire them in their careers. I have received hundreds of comments and messages from our guests remarking on how incredible he was and how perfect his message was for our audience. The feedback has been tremendous. Kris’ appearance will guarantee the success of your event.

The honesty and passion with which Kris delivers his words of faith and courage, of mission and service, is physically present as he speaks, and his humor continues to draw you in. Beyond the actual presentation, what resonated so strongly with all in attendance was the degree to which he welcomed and interacted with every person present. He signed hundreds of books and posed for hundreds of photos with a smile, a joke and grateful spirit.

His agent/ publicist Judy Wilkinson was terrific to work with in booking and executing his appearance.

As honored as we were to host this American hero, once he arrived it felt like an old friend came for a visit- no pretense, no ego…..just pure honesty and heart.

- Maryann Grippo. Director of Academy Operations
Lackawanna College Police Academy


On February 24th 2017, the Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (the private, professional association representing the 20,000 Pennsylvania National Guardsmen and women) had the pleasure of having Kris Paronto be the keynote speaker for our conference. Kris was absolutely riveting in his retelling of his story of being a Benghazi survivor. Our audience was on the edge of their seats as he very eloquently told his story. Kris’s delivery was very professional and right on point for our audience. His, was a story of the facts as they unfolded that evening and was free from political side bar. Following his speech Kris graciously stayed and met with our members and signed copies of his book 13 Hours. I would absolutely recommend Kris as a speaker for any organization or event.

- Timothy Gwinn, LTC (RET), USA, Executive Director
Pennsylvania National Guard Association


 Kris spoke at our annual Continuing Education meeting on the topic of Ethics. If anyone knows about “doing the right thing”, it is certainly Kris and the members of his team. During his account of those now  infamous 13 Hours, Kris was able to provide an ethics training that kept the entire audience on the edge  of their seats. His patriotism, integrity, humor, and humility were evident throughout his speech.  At the  end, he was greeted with a standing ovation, and left us all wishing we had more time to spend with this  true American hero.

After his talk, he proceeded to sign books and take pictures with our attendees for almost two hours! He  was patient and gracious, and gave each person his full attention, right to the very end. Judy, his  publicist, is equally personable and kind. They were wonderful to work with and both have an excellent  sense of humor.  

We had an incredible response to the program and Kris as a person, both that day, and in the days that  followed. He made our annual class, as numerous attendees have stated, “the best event Southern Trust  has ever had.” Most of the time, when you have training like this, people may remember what the  speaker said for about five minutes. We will remember Kris and this event, for the rest of our lives. 


-Jessica Sires, Marketing and Communications Coordinator/Human Resources Manager, Southern Trust & Southern Underwriters 

 “Best talk I have heard on campus and best orchestrated. Bottom-line, I don't think we have ever had that much energy and enthusiasm in any university event.”

-DR/COL Billy Wells, Senior Vice President of Leadership and Global Engagement, University of North Georgia




“Tanto was the most relevant speaker (for cadets) we have had in 15 years.  Every student in the gym locked onto him like a tractor beam.”

-COL James T. Palmer, Commandant, University of North Georgia     




“Obviously Tanto was a smashing success with the cadets and Alumni alike.  I just kept receiving compliments on the whole weekend but especially the Friday evening program. Not sure we will ever be able to “top” that program.”

-John Douglas, UNG Alumni, Boars Head Weekend 2016 Director 



Kris Paronto changed our yearly event from a “fundraiser” into a lifelong memory. This event could not have been as successful as it was without Kris and Judy. The positive energy and genuine enthusiasm of our guests was amazing! Kris brought our guests on an emotional, heartfelt ride while he painted a picture of his “13 Hours” in Benghazi on September 11th 2012.

The addition of the book signing was a huge success and allowed “VIP” guests to speak with Kris on a personal level. Kris and Judy greeted and spoke to EVERYONE! They were absolutely amazing. 

I am so happy with the impact this event has left not only on our guests but myself as well, that I am in the process of planning another Connecticut event in the near future. Everyone should book Kris as their guest speaker! Because everyone needs to hear the TRUTH about the Benghazi terror attack and the Hero’s who lived it.

- John Slater, Bridgeport, Connecticut 

 On Friday, May 13, 2016 the Chambers County Development Authority hosted Kris "Tanto" Paronto as our Special Guest Speaker for our 2016 Industry Appreciation Luncheon.   This annual event normally includes a business leader in the State of Alabama discussing our economy.  Having a speaker like Kris was a first for us as we wanted to do something other than the usual business luncheon.


The staff anticipated a large crowd but did not expect nearly 200 guests to attend our normal 120- person event!  Kris' message related directly to the audience and what was supposed to be an hour and 15-minute event turned into over 2 hours with guests lining up to purchase books and meet Kris following his message.  Kris was vibrant, charismatic, and was able to hold the attention of the audience for over an hour. 


Our feedback from our clients and guests has been phenomenal.  Guests easily related to his experiences as well as the emotions tied to his acts of heroism.  


- Valerie G. Gray, Executive Director, Chambers County Development Authority, Lanett, AL  36863

 Many times I have tried to write this, the words just were not there. Not because it was bad, not because you could not understand the speech, topic or the speaker.

Quite the opposite. Kris Paronto's speech is worth every penny of his fee and more! The topic is mind boggling on so many levels one can not put what they feel really into words except: one will leave his presentation a blessed and changed person. You will believe in America again and your fellow man. That God, country and honor still matter and they matter to many of us.

I booked Kris on the referral of a friend whom had heard him speak. Her word was good enough for me, that when she said "Here is your speaker. You have got to hear him!" I did so.

During our event you could have heard a pin drop and not one of 370 people moved in the course of an hour. Comments made after the event were "unbelievable, a life changing event, a story everyone needs to hear, I can't thank you enough for bringing him here. If you ever want to bring him back I will write the check. I can think of 50+ people that need to hear him. It is not a show it is real! There was and is a higher power at work here. You can see it, hear it and feel it!"

Both Kris and his staff were extremely professional, courteous and have a great sense of humor which is a valuable asset.

I personally want to thank Kris and Judy for all the help. This event for me was a huge step out of the box in comparison to what had been done in the past. They made it easy, reassured me and did not even know they were doing it. It was like working with your best friends. Thank you for this great opportunity.

My dad was a gunner in the Navy for 10 years, son of a Russian immigrant. Every Thanksgiving we go around the table and say what we are thankful for his always without waiver was, "That I am living in the Good Old' USA!". I never doubted dad then and am prouder now of this great country and those that serve to keep us all free and what that service means to both them and us.

Thank you Kris. Thank you Judy.

- Lisa May, Buffalo County Republican Party Lincoln Day Event Chair
Nebraska Federation of Republican Women 1st Vice President


 I had the honor of hearing and meeting Kris "Tanto" Paronto on September 11th, 2016 in Durango, Colorado on the 4th Anniversary of Benghazi, and the 15th Anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centers and Pentagon. While hearing Kris speak about the events that happened four years prior to the day in Benghazi, his message made me happy to know that the real story about what really happened is being told to the American people, without bias, media spun agendas, or political interference. His presentation also gave me a real sense of pride for the service that he, and his colleagues have done protecting our country and it's assets.

Kris was an awesome presenter and was really professional. He delivered his speech to meet the all ages crowd at the venue, but still managed to discuss the seriousness of the events as they unfolded that night, while also throwing in times of humor, and some laughter. I would hear Kris speak again, and highly recommend seeing and listening to him speak to anyone reading this. 


While having the privilege to meet and talk with Kris that day, I bought a copy of the 13 Hours book. While yes it is about a dark day in time, it is an awesome book about the events in Libya. I had it read in a week and I highly recommend reading it so we will never forget.   

-Rick Bennett




Kris Paronto was the featured speaker at our annual Lincoln/Reagan Luncheon, sponsored by the Republican Club of Green Valley/Sahuarita in Green Valley, AZ. We have been hosting this event for many years. This was by far the most successful we have ever had. An overflow crowd of 357 people attended.

Kris's presentation was fabulous and held the attention of every audience member that I witnessed. The VIP question and answer session was outstanding. Kris was as candid as he could possibly be. He was also extremely personable with everyone he met.

We have received nothing but accolades from our membership and others that attended. I am so thankful that we were able to host him in our small community. Kris is a true American hero and a genuinely fine human being. His presentation was terrific! While it dealt with an extremely serious topic (Benghazi), he delivered it displaying a very keen sense of humor. As one of the attendees commented, it was "the perfect Lincoln/Reagan Luncheon." It truly was an honor and a privilege for me to be part of such a great event.

- Jim Stone, President - Republican Club of Green Valley/Sahuarita

 On Tuesday, February 16, 2016 the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce hosted Kris "Tanoto" Paronto and the "13 Hours Event". This event was a first of its kind for the Chamber, and we were not sure how the community would react. Harker Heights is a community that is home to many soldiers from Fort Hood, the largest training military base in the free world. We are also home to many retirees and their families. As the chamber planned the event, we could not believe the attention it got. We knew it was important to bring Kris to our community, but did not know truly understand the impact it would have.

The night of the event we saw first-hand the impact that Kris has with people. He told his story, the hardships, the blessings, and where he is today. All of that stood still in the minds of the audience. As chamber staff gazed the audience during the presentation, they did not notice a single person on their cell phone. From their view point the entire audience was eye locked on Kris as he told the story of that September night in Benghazi, and what has led to where he is today. After the presentation, while Kris was signing books, so many of the guests felt like they could relate to him and his experiences. Our community is full of soldiers that served numerous tours overseas, Kris touched so many lives with his presentation.

As the chamber looks back on the "13 Hours Event", they cannot help but be thankful for the opportunity to bring Kris in to tell his story, and give our community members and even those beyond an experience they will never forget. We wish Kris the best in all of his future engagements, and we welcome him to come visit us anytime! We have received nothing but positive feedback, and they are so happy they were able to attend the event.

- Gina Pence -President & CEO - Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce

 "13 Hours is a straight forward accounting of a tragic day in our nation's history that was immediately muddled, intentionally or otherwise; by conflicting accounts and interpretations. The men that wrote the book, Oz, Tanto and Tig are straight talkers in their presentation as to what did happen on that fateful day when an Ambassador and other Americans were brutally murdered. Whether you read all about it as I did, or listen to them talk to an audience of 700, as I did; you know immediately that these three were heroes at Benghazi and all they want is an honest presentation about how their comrades and our Ambassador were lost. They deny the term heroes, they answer to the term Americans. We all should be grateful that men like this exist."

- President/CEO of California Citrus Mutual Joel Nelsen

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Mr. Kris "Tanto" Paronto as a guest speaker for any event he feels capable of participating in.
Not only is he adorable, charming, and approachable, he is humble and passionate about the telling of his experiences. Kris speaks from his heart. He has learned how to cope with extraordinary circumstances, which most of us will never have to face. Whatever challenge he is called upon to embrace, he brings with him a keen sense of humor, a warm and infectious smile and a willingness to share his amazing experiences.

A polite and determined young man, he is motivated by a sense of honor and expression of truth, as well as his dedication and support for his fellow soldiers. Mr. Paronto is engaged in confronting those who would lie and seek political power over doing what is honorable. He seeks to protect the values and institutions that Americans hold near and dear.


Today he spoke in Sonoma, California, to a "sold out" audience of more than 200 community leaders, where more than 100 of co-authored books were sold to a supportive audience - all offered a standing ovation.
We wish Kris much success in the pursuit of his personal and professionals goals. Anyone who has the pleasure of engaging Mr. Paronto to speak will be gratified by this experience. We are still glowing from the pleasure of his company.

- CEO/President -Protocol Professionals, Inc. Sherri Ferris

I read "13 Hours" and it had such a profound impact on me to read a first-hand account of what actually happened in Benghazi. The truth has no side but its own, yet politicians and the media, both right and left, used this tragedy for their own purposes and I was astounded at the misconceptions I held. The book was written so clearly and without political spin, I had no doubt it was the truth. I had the honor to meet and hear Kris at a speaking engagement in March and his courage, passion and patriotism solidified that knowledge. Despite the sorrow of the event, he is able to relay to the audience courage, bravery, teamwork, excitement and even humor at times. He is an amazing, engaging speaker able to fill the audience with inspiration. He and his teammates never waiver in their story and soldier on tirelessly to tell the truth of Benghazi for the honor of those who died. I encourage any group to invite Kris to speak and know that you will not forget the evening, nor the patriotism, selflessness and humility of all those who protect our lives and our freedoms. I also highly recommend reading "13 Hours" for an honest account of the evening that will provide a lot of great context for which to better understand the movie, "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" when it is released in January.

- Cindy Botchis

 A group of our local patriots sponsored Kris to tell the story of Benghazi. Even though our organizers faced a lot of "hurdles", Kris & Judy overcame them all & did EVERYTHING they could to make it a great & easy experience. I can't wait for the movie to come out in Jan.2016 so EVERYONE can hear the story. He SHOWED us in word & deed how, "RLTW"... RANGERS LEAD THE WAY! It was an honor & privilege to meet this humble American hero,who ran IN,when others run out!

- Patti DiBella & Team,Melbourne FL

 Dixie State University was delighted to host alumnus Kris Paronto for a day and he certainly did not disappoint. Our entire community eagerly anticipated Kris' return to St. George, Utah, and he exceeded all of our highest expectations. Not only was his presentation enlightening and entertaining, he also spoke with a sincerity that touched all of us in attendance. Additionally, Kris was great to work with — he was willing to accommodate a busy itinerary, making appearances at several events throughout the day. At each event, he took the time to meet every single person who wanted to shake his hand, greeting each and every individual with genuine enthusiasm and kindness. In short, Kris was great to work with and delivered a wonderful presentation.

- Jyl Hall, Director of Public Relations, Dixie State University


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